Gantarvelocity was founded in 2014 by Agung Mulyawan with other coach partners, Endah Sari Damayanti, Luthy Yurica, and Khafid Firdaus. Based on Agung previous experienced in giving strength conditioning program for athlete, he decided to from a professional running coach team.

Not only offering training program for long distance running / marathon, Gantarvelocity also provides other service of strength conditioning program and individual skills program such as swimming, sport dance, martial arts, and even kids athletic. 17 experienced coaches (and will grow more) is ready to serve their client.

We first trained with Gantarvelocity during our preparation for Paris Marathon 2016. Aiming to have better preparation in this international marathon, we googled and found Gantarvelocity and decided to hire them.

What we like about Gantarvelocity training program are:

Well knowledge, skillful and experienced coach – each of coach has basic knowledge about coaching when they studied at UNJ – faculty of sport science.

Customized plan to match client’s skill level and experience.

Not only running, but they train to correct your running form, strengthen your body, increase overall performance.

You can select to train in private or in your fun group.

Strict coach in the track, a friend outside.

Flexible time and place

Solving problem for any problem arisen during training program, such as injury, recovery problem, etc.

So, if you would like to give a try, you can contact them to get more information!



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