Maximus Sport Recovery

As you know, rest and recovery is highly needed during your hard training for marathon. Many of us ignore the rest session because we are very excited to train more and more, harder and harder. But body needs to get rest too. The good rest will impact to faster physical recovery so a runner is ready for next training.

That’s the role of sport massage, to help runner recharge energy, help you to prevent from injury, increase flexibility and range of motion, reduce muscle pain, and many more.

Maximus Sport Therapy is on demand sport massage services at your door. Just text them, make appointment, and voila…. they come!

It’s not just regular massage, Maximus Sport Therapy offers comprehensive sport massage session, consisted of 3 steps. Cold Therapy to reduce temperature of the broken muscle, Stretching PNF to increase muscle range of motion, and Sport Massage to relax your tight muscle.

The type of sport therapy offered by Maximus may differ from one to another since they will match the program with runner’s training phase. Massage for those in high peak training will be different for those in tapering session, or after race.

What we like about Maximus Sport Therapy are:

Professional therapist who has handled many professional athletes

Sport therapy program to match your training phase – whether you are in high peak session or during tapering session

They are mobile, it’s at your convenience home

So, to complete your hard working training for marathon, add Maximus Sport Therapy session in your plan.



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