Our Partners

Every runner has different level of skill and experience. But we believe, no matter advance or basic the skill a runner has, no matter how many marathons a runner did, every runner does his/her own preparation for every marathon he/she registers in. Even the professional athlete plan their marathon training carefully – therefore they are a professional.

We had our own experience when we prepared for marathon by the book and did another preparation with professional running coach. Although both ways still lead us to the finish line, but training with professional running coach – in general – results in better performance.

In this case, Cerita Lari would like to offer our runner clients to have access to get professional marathon training.

We are proudly informed that we are now partnering with (1) Gantarvelocity, a professional running coach team, (2) Physio.id, physiotherapist who has handled many runner clients as well as a runner himself, and (3) Maximus, a group of sport recovery therapist who has handled many athlete.