Having an injury during marathon training can be very frustrating because you are on your way to reach your peak performance, then your training must slow down (or in some case: stop) until your injury fixed. is physiotherapist team who can help runners when having such problem. With their motto “fix it, not just treat it”, their treatment will help you to fix the problem and assist you in the healing process.

Services provided by is not only for sport injury, but also bigger scope for musculoskeletal problem, such as scoliosis / imbalance posture, sprain knee and joints, muscle/tendon/ligament inflammation, and many more.

Sport massage is also provided for those in non-injured condition to prevent injury and increase performance due to over training.

Our first trial with was when we all experienced several injury during our marathon training preparation. Sprain ankle, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and many more. Although we trained with professional coach, but injury is something normally can happen though not expected.

Sometimes we were too lazy stretching after long run alone. Sometimes we forgot for ice cooling at home after hard training. Sometimes we participated in race although the coach said not to. Less rest and over training.

Our coach then referred us to meet mas Ito, the senior physiotherapist of

What we love about services are:

It fixes the problem, not just treat it.

He is also a runner himself, he knows runner problems well

They are mobile, they can visit you at home

So, if you happen to have any injury during your marathon training, ask for their help!

Contact: Ito (081329616329) / Herry (085716122417)